Its been weeks since i wrote my last diary. All blame to my Lazy ass that took Carls leniency for granted.

Once again am sorry Carl. Am pretty sure you are bored of my sorries me should be tired of saying sorry sorry every now and then and just do what  I am suppose to do — My Diary

Anyways its almost over, kind of like the beginning of the end and I promise my self to write the last two entries.

What Have i achieved? Uncountable infact me still imagining the transformation in my academic and career Life from a total novice to an Intermediate Web Designer with credits and Income.

For the past weeks i have been doing real live projects working on couple of  E-commerce sites like:

And preparing to take a work from home Telemarketing offer from the States starting next month (While this is not directly related to Web Courses Bangkok, I am stating it because WCB equipped me with the skills, knowledge and experience to utilize this job if i eventually work on it.

Also did alot of Photoshop trial and error in an attempt to create banners and logo for chidex-designer of course it looks crappy like some sorts of Beginners work but as My skills grew in coding and WordPress Content Management System so would my Design skills I ain’t giving up.

The header in use on this site is one amongst the few i created for Chidex-designer

Well there are alot but am going to be living it here because am currently working on giving an account of my time and experiences in Web Courses Bangkok and i can assure you that you would grab whatever is missing here and from previous diaries

Thanks for reading

I appreciate you all.


Next Week To-do-List

I do not have an agenda for next week yet, but i think Carl mentioned something about a new project last week. I am not really sure b’cos i did not pay attention to that.

However, I would inquire from Carl and you would report what i did this week as my accomplishment for next week.

Suspense huh?

That is one reason you have  keep updated to my blog by subscribing.

Until next week remain focus.

Thank you